Meet Peter, master New Life Threads tailor!

Growing up in a family of seamstresses and tailors, Peter first started sewing at the young age of 5. He learned the basics through the years, and later went on to perfect his skills at tailoring school. Soon after, he began work as a professional tailor, selling clothes, bags, and the like. He came to work for Africa New Life in 2010, and is so grateful to have job security with a contract, insurance, and monthly salary. Because of this job, he’s able to provide for himself and his younger brother. Peter is also able to give a little money to his parents. Peter’s favorite thing about working for New Life Threads is his ability to be creative and making things people like. He loves designing and trying new things and the feeling of accomplishment he gets when his creations turn out well. In his spare time, Peter likes playing soccer and attending Christian concerts.