Our newest ambassador settling into life in Kigali

Betsie Everritt, our first on-the-ground-in-Rwanda-ambassador of New Life Threads, is having fun settling into her new life in Kigali! She moved to Rwanda last month with the intention of staying at least twelve months. While in the country, she’s teaching and helping to organize programs at sewing cooperatives – including the co-op at the Africa New Life Family Center where New Life Threads products are made!

Betsie is currently living with five roommates, a group of girls from the United States. Two are interns for a business consulting firm called Karisimbi Partners, one works for Young Life, and another is running a home for street boys in Kigali called Hope for Life. “I’m so thankful to just sort of fall into a group!” Betsie said of her new roommates. “I’ve spent my weekends and free time doing fun things like playing volleyball and having potluck dinners.”

Working with the New Life Threads seamstresses has been rewarding and occasionally challenging so far – many of them do not speak English and Betsie’s just learning to speak some words in Kinyarwanda. Betsie said she is thankful for Agnes and Peter, two of our favorite tailors in Kigali. “They’re both really talented and smart. I don’t think Agnes can speak English, but somehow, she knows what I need and want. Peter, as ya’ll know, is sharp as a tack, but so mild and sweet.” Betsie also gets to work with our Rwandan friend Gogo, who is not only an amazing translator and dynamic communicator, but a woman with a heart for the Lord.

Betsie said one of the more difficult lessons she is learning is how to be patient when attempting to complete a To Do list in a foreign country. She is now focusing on being reliant on God as he works through her – even when she feels like she didn’t accomplish exactly what she set out to do “on time”. Will you join us in praying for patience and confidence for Betsie as she continues to work with New Life Threads, form closer friendships with her new roommates and the seamstresses, and adjust to life in Rwanda? Thank you, and thanks to Betsie for all her help with New Life Threads!

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