Women’s Conference a Success – Guest Post by Alan Hotchkiss

New Life Threads helped to support a women’s conference in Kigali, Rwanda, this summer. Read this beautiful story written by Africa New Life’s Executive Director Alan Hotchkiss!

We are thrilled to report that the women’s conference you helped to fund recently was a remarkable success!

Over 2000 women attended the conference which took place over three days at Kigali Dream Center, home of Africa New Life Ministries in Rwanda. For many of these women attending this conference opened the door for them to visit the capital city of Kigali for the first time in their lives. Through your support, Africa New Life was able to provide transportation for them to travel from remote villages where several live in homes with dirt floors and no electricity.

Beaming as they entered the sanctuary, woman after woman raised their hands high to heaven, celebrating the goodness of God.

The conference, featuring powerful worship and speakers from Rwanda and England, focused on helping women overcome their fear through gaining a better understanding of who they are in Jesus Christ and how they can access his power through prayer.

In the days following the conference, Agnes, a mother of three from the rural community of Bugesera, began to think differently about how to deal with her struggles. Upon returning to her home, she realized that her supply of food was almost completely depleted. With no job prospects and three hungry mouths to feed, she remembered what she heard at the conference, laid down on her dirt floor and cried out to God for several hours. She had never prayed that way before, and God heard her desperation. The next day, a group of missionaries from Africa New Life, not knowing her situation, stopped by her house with an entire month of food supplies. Agnes’ situation and her prayer life have been transformed as a result of this conference, which happened in part because of your purchase. Thank You!

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