New Partnership with the Story Company

We are excited to see the launch of a great new website and encourage you to check it out – the Story Company at This group of big dreamers share our vision of empowering women (and men) around the world through the sale of their handiwork. The Story Company creates a market for handmade goods made by indigenous, local and micro-merchants from many developing countries.

You visit the Story Company website and buy some high quality, handmade, unique fashion pieces (we hear jewelry, shirts, and bags are on the way) and in doing so, you’re helping to change the story of someone who was trapped in poverty. This buy-to-give model that New Life Threads is also built under encourages entrepreneurship and builds global markets for artisans in impoverished areas.

And the BEST part: the Story Co. is planning to feature an exclusive New Life Threads bag! We have not yet shared the secret of what this bag will look like, but we’ll tell you this: it’s beautiful, functional, and we’re pretty sure you’ll want one.

So check out our new partner the Story Company as they release products on their new site, and get excited for the release of the new Story Company exclusive bag from New Life Threads!

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