Have you ever felt stuck?

“There are times in life when we feel stuck physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally … even relationally.” Those words come from the introduction to The Selah conference to be held at George Fox University. This weekend hundreds will join Speaker Elisa Morgan as they discuss “the traps that paralyze us” and “the spiritual renewal and freedom that is waiting for us on the other side of “stuck!’”

Thousands of women in Rwanda also find themselves stuck. As survivors of the 1994 genocide, many found themselves without parents, without education, and without hope. How do you move forward from that? New Life Threads is proud to partner with Africa New Life as they bring job training, counseling, life skills and other support to help these women get unstuck. The success stories are inspiring. This Saturday, March 17, we’ll be at the Selah Conference selling some of the products made by graduates of this amazing ministry. If you’re going to the conference, we hope you’ll stop by.

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