How You Blessed Child-Led Homes

Besides supporting jobs and the New Life Family Center programs, New Life Threads likes to support special projects. Africa New Life suggested we give a portion of sales to child-led homes and last Easter we were able to bless six families thanks to your support. We were recently able to secure some photos and a report from Rwanda. Since you helped, please take a moment to hear their stories…

Namahoro Vestine is in grade six at Kigali infants’ primary school. She is a total orphan who has lost both of her parents. She stays with her two elder sisters who never had a chance to go to school at all. “Thank you for the food, she says. “May God bless you all.”

Mutesi Peace and Kemirembe Alice live by themselves as their mother died and the father has abandoned the family. They say, “Thank you so much for thinking about us and sending a gift to us. We are happy for the food.”

Ruth is a young girl who is HIV positive. She is an orphan who has lost both parents. She was abused sexually after the death of her parents. She stays with her one brother. “Ruth appreciates a lot for the Easter gift you sent to her.”

Ndayisaba Fred lost both his parents when he was still young. He stays with a friend. “Fred is thankful for the gift money you sent to him. He enjoyed his Easter.”

Celestin, Danny and Dickson are three boys who live together and are total orphans.

They are not brothers, but they came from different places and formed one family.

Isindiyitesi Sharon is the oldest in her family. She lost her father but the mother is living with HIV and is “ever sick due to medicine she takes every day and no food to eat because they live in a refugee camp of Kigali.”

Your support of New Life Threads made this impact possible. Africa New Life says “First and foremost, thank you so much for the gift you sent to these poor children. They were all very happy to receive the support and their Easter was really great.” Thank you!

Have you ever felt stuck?

“There are times in life when we feel stuck physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally … even relationally.” Those words come from the introduction to The Selah conference to be held at George Fox University. This weekend hundreds will join Speaker Elisa Morgan as they discuss “the traps that paralyze us” and “the spiritual renewal and freedom that is waiting for us on the other side of “stuck!’”

Thousands of women in Rwanda also find themselves stuck. As survivors of the 1994 genocide, many found themselves without parents, without education, and without hope. How do you move forward from that? New Life Threads is proud to partner with Africa New Life as they bring job training, counseling, life skills and other support to help these women get unstuck. The success stories are inspiring. This Saturday, March 17, we’ll be at the Selah Conference selling some of the products made by graduates of this amazing ministry. If you’re going to the conference, we hope you’ll stop by.

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Welcome to our blog. A place where we’ll talk about our seamstresses, introduce new products, talk about justice and fair trade, and share some highlights from Africa New Life’s work in Rwanda. Most importantly, we’ll share news of the impact you are making through your support of New Life Threads. We hope you’ll follow us and we welcome back. Together we are sewing hope into the heart of Africa!